Darcy Ellington

I am one girl with one life to live, I will not lie down and die

Darkness is sometimes beautiful thing. You seem to disagree, to you it’s always ugly. Do you think any of us are pure light. We’re not grey, but the white makes the blackness fade; it doesn’t mean it was never or isn’t there. Denial is your darkness.

ophelia301; My thoughts on your thoughts of darkness and light (via ophelia301)

passive hate


we think of hate as an action,
but when you see your lover
in pain and do nothing
the malice is most devastating

we turn swords on enemies,
protecting us from wrath

our lovers own our open hearts,
we never anticipate the blade
of inaction tearing us apart

hate can be knowing your hand
will heal, yet doing nothing

withholding comfort from your lover
is the sharpest sword

- mermaidsbite / Christiane Lopez

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To relate to suffering
is to understand
the heart of the world
to write of it
becomes the union of humanity

Suzyhazelwood @ darcyellington


Writing the words
the emptying
of my emotional recycle bin

I pour them out
with intent to demolish
to remove the evidence
the unwanted remembrance
the devastation
that threatens to unravel my sanity

I reread what’s written
roll my eyes in disgust
Did that really happen?
Not again!
Does anything ever change?

My finger rests on delete
then I write
another line
two or three
to keep a lonely sentence
in better company
suddenly I find
I actually have something to say

Words are funny
not belly laughing
but weird
mysterious little doodles
the evidence of where I’m at
and how savage the journey has been

Maybe one day
I’ll write words that tell
of where I’m going


I have never put our names in any of these poems.
None of these love letters are addressed to you,
none of them carry my signature.

I can’t tell if I’m hoping to forget or to remember.
When I stumble across these notebooks gathering dust in a box,
will I struggle to recall who the muse was?
Or will your smile still be pressed between every page?

I will not put your name in this poem.
I will leave it up to fate,
hand it over to the stars.
I will find this poem someday,
and maybe
I’ll remember writing this.
I’ll remember loving you.

To You (via poppyflowerpoetry)


I’m a little nervous about this video…

Due to my public relationship I get a lot of girls messaging me confessing how much they aspire to have a relationship like mine. It’s fine and healthy to want a relationship but I would be proud if my presence on the internet meant that people were inspired to aim to get so much more out of life, we only have a short time here and I would love for you all to get the most out of it you can <3


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I find myself deteriorating
day by day between the endless
words I keep locked between
my lungs and the pounding ache
in my skull from my brain being
forced to form sentences we both
don’t really believe.
What a hypocrite I have been.
I preach the importance of
strength and pride and yet

Pocket Watches and Rabbit Holes


She is the amalgamation
of anomalous phenomena - hovering
like pen over paper, fingers over keys
in a matrix of infinite potential
trapped in the eternal instant of a second
in a closet of clocks, of misperceived hands
that tick along to the misguided metronome,
the tune of life playing…


"Oh, satisfaction! I don’t think I could live without it.
It’s like water or bread, or something absolutely essential
to me. I find myself absolutely fulfilled when I have
written a poem, when I’m writing one. Having written one,
then you fall away very rapidly from having been a poet
to becoming a sort of poet in rest, which isn’t the same
thing at all. But I think the actual experience of writing
a poem is a magnificent one.”  - Sylvia Plath